...there is definitely that sadness of truth that flows through the lyrics--but it's a beautiful sadness. It's like sugar snow, summed up in two words. Beautifully sad.”

— Big Takeover

Sugar Snow

Simone Berk has performed and recorded under the name Sugar Snow since 2008. She has played her dreamy, melancholy pop songs in the vein of Mazzy Star, Cowboy Junkies and The Sundays around New England and the Midwest. In 2010, Sugar Snow’s eponymous record was released to excellent reviews and airplay on college radio around the country.

In March, 2018, Simone joined forces with veteran producer Brian Charles of Zippah Studios in Boston to interpret the Crowded House masterpiece, Woodface. Together, with the help of some of Boston's best musicians, they have created something more than a cover record. It is a tribute to the band they both love, while giving each song an original twist. This is a labor of love.

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Simone Berk and Brian Charles

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